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SIRPA at Fudan/China | [Fudan/China] Special Lecture #18 (02/08/2018)

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Title:  The Role of Europe in the Global System

Speaker: Christian Deubner

Date: August 2, 2018 

Venue: Room 615, Wenke Building

Main Points:
1. Under the condition that there was no war among the past 80 years in Europe and different parts of the world live under different order in last century, the European Union is a huge success not only for the peace for the member states in the European Union but also for providing a paradigm at a global level.
2. The European Union adopts legislation through a variety of legislative procedures. The procedure used for a given legislative proposal depends on the policy area in question.
3. Europeanisation is a concept that refers to the interactions between the EU and its member states.
4. Compared with the federal policy of US, the European Union is much less unified to collect all the competencies from all the member state. But in the long run, the European Union should be more central.
5. The EEC-EU has always played a contradictory role in principle, but largely positive role in practice.

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