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SIRPA at Fudan/China | [Fudan/China] Special Lecture #17 (19/06/2018)

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Title:  China and EU in Africa: Cooperation and Competition

Speaker:  Jian Junbo

Date: June 19, 2018

Venue:  Room 105, Center for American Studies


Main Points:

1. The competition between China and EU in Africa, competing for economic interests, political influence, mode of economic and social development. 

2. Why should China and EU cooperate in Africa? Mutual restriction of the pursuit of improper benefits, expanding the common economic gains, preventing blackmail from the Third Party, responding to Africa governance. 

3. Can China and EU collaborate in Africa? Collaboration on business area, anti-terrorism, peacekeeping, light small arms export control,climate change governance and aid to Africa. 

4. The Challenges in Africa Cooperation between Chin and EU, 

5. The future trilateral interaction prospect among China, EU and Africa. 

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