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SIRPA at Fudan/China | [Fudan/China] Special Lecture #16 (09/06/2018)

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Title:  Ideal and Reality: Limitations of the EU as a Transformative Force

Speaker: Gustaaf Geeraerts

Date: June 9, 2018

Venue:  Room 104, Center Tank for American Studies

Main Points:
l 1. EU, an advanced change power. Try to establish a multilateralism world based on European liberal political rule, open global market and developed international institutions.
l 2. Limitations of the EU transformative force. The EU's transformative power is largely condition on the mutual matching of actual gains. The EU transformative power is also dependent on the success of its own economic & social model and the ability to collective action as a whole.
The EU is only a vital strengthen in global trade and investment, but lack global projection capabilities, no unitized diplomatic or defense policy, has little impact on the international financial system.
l 3. The EU is becoming more pragmatic and less “post-modern”. The return of the development agenda,EU begins to pay more attention to people`s quality of life, and be seldom committed to the ideological issues such as human rights and democracy. The new pragmatism heads
up and admits the rights of emerging powers in international affairs.

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