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[Fudan/China] Special Lecture #15 (23/04/2018) > Special Lectures

SIRPA at Fudan/China | [Fudan/China] Special Lecture #15 (23/04/2018)

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Title:  European Union`s Crisis and Perspectives

Speaker:  Damien Cesselin

Date: April 23, 2018

Venue:  Room801, Think Tank Building

Main Points:

l 1. The trauma of Brexit, why the “British Exit”, issue and consequence for the EU.
l 2. Europe, diplomatic dwarf? The infancy of the Common Foreign and Security Policy. Permanent structured cooperation toward a true European defense.
l 3. The explosive file of migrants, land of immigration, European immigration and asylum policy, a decline debate.
l 4. An economically unbalanced area, economic power affected by the crisis, the necessary reinforcement of the Eurozone.
l 5. The struggle to come to power in 2019, the arrangements for appointing European leaders, Macron`s desire to circumvent the Spitzenkandidat selection procedure.

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