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SIRPA at Fudan/China | [Fudan/China] Special Lecture #13 (20/12/2017)

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Title:  Europe and China: partners in the search for stability

Speaker: Geoffrey Harris

Date:December. 20, 2017

Venue:  Room203, Think Tank Building, Fudan University

Main Points:

l A. New type of great power relationship, armaments don`t settle everything, three economic superpowers, regional globalism.
l B. Multilateralism and multipolarity, multilateralism does not mean the same as multipolarity.
l C. EU and China Strategic Partners: summits, dialogues, no security slashes, shared support for UN, cooperation in AIIB; but EU outspoken on human rights, insufficient trust.
l D. China can open up, get BIT done, avoid provocation and be careful with Russia. EU can be more confident, cooperate on BRI, stick to its rules and resolve MES issue,
l E. Partners for stability, defend UN framework, implement Paris, reform IMF, cooperate in development, work inside WTO, make G20 work and reject unipolar vision. 


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