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NCRE/New Zealand | [UCNZ/NCRE] Special Lecture #6 (24032017)

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·         Presenter: Connor Pokoati (NCRE)


 “Normative Power Europe” (Manners, 2002) has become integral in the EU’s image as a global player. The exportation of European norms and values have become common place in economic, social and political agreements between the EU and external partners. In light of the EU’s attempt to become recognised as a global power, another term “Market Power Europe” (Damro, 2012) was coined to demonstrate the EU’s immense economic might in relations with external partners. Examining these two narratives appearance within partner third countries, in the face of current EU domestic issues (BREXIT, the Migration Crisis and the Eurozone crisis), is paramount in understanding the EU’s role and position in the evolving global order. This research attempts to examine how these narratives are received and evaluated in the face of these current EU issues and also evaluated against historical and cultural filters within two former colonies in the emerging region of Southeast Asia, Indonesia and Malaysia.


Prof. Sung-Hoon Park
Korea University
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